Most companies have limited visibility when it comes to accurately assessing their client requests, sales progress and staff productivity. Our software solution, PICS, is a business success platform that gives you both visibility and accuracy. You have one version of the truth allowing you to make the right decisions.

PICS is a business process automation platform. It brings together all your internal, customer and supplier processes in a single, integrated platform. It enables you to build a customer centered business from sales to customer service to customer satisfaction surveys. This gives you a complete understanding of your operations to drive your business success.

PICS provides a one-stop solution

  • One platform to control all your internal and external processes.
  • Gives you visibility of workload and staff requirements.
  • Gives you the ability to accurately report to customers on activity, completed work and service level agreements.
  • Brings together staff, customers and suppliers to all contribute to the workload, ultimately saving you time.

PICS has been designed to…

Improve Productivity through:

  • Lead management (including automatic imports via web services, lead queuing and more)
  • Process management (focus on specific tasks)
  • Agent management (performance, commission and appointment tracking)
  • Integrated communication management (SMS, emails, calls, recordings)
  • Workflow management

Increase Real-Time Insight through:

  • Dashboards
  • Drill-down reports (by campaign, product, agent, sales)
  • Target tracking
  • Improve Cashflow through: Payment gateway (immediate payments)

Increase Sales through:

  • Direct / indirect sales / marketing
  • Inbound / outbound customer care
  • Technical / customer support / helpdesk
  • Surveys / polls
  • Debt collection
    * Recommended for all Call Centres

Easy to add and change campaigns, products & scripts