ExecuReports //

ExecuReports is an integrated financial reporting platform. It was designed by an accountant to create a single platform that can analyse historic financial data and drive future financial performance.

ExecuReports automates the entire process of monthly financial reporting, enabling you to focus on analysing your business instead of being overwhelmed and inundated with reporting requirements.
ExecuReports standardises financial planning across the organisation and enables various stakeholders to contribute information via our web portal.

Key features and benefits

  • Easy to implement and easy to use.
  • Changing focus from compilation to interpretation of reports.
  • Increases accuracy of reports.
  • Standardises your data from different data sources / financial systems, giving you greater consistency.
  • Centralises your data giving you the ability to access current and historical data from one platform.
  • Our multi-dimensional approach allows you to slice your data by dimensions like customer, product, project, region and many more.
  • Takes the sweat out of foreign currency translations according to IFRS standards.
  • Creates personalised dashboards for daily and monthly KPIs.
  • Automated consolidation of different financial systems.
  • Customise and create your own reports.
  • Provides an immediate overview with the ability to zoom into any level of detail.
  • Exportable into various formats e.g. Excel, PDF, TIFF and MS Word.
  • Project and statutory reporting from one system.
  • Allows for budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning on one platform.
  • Cost allocations allows you to allocate head office or centralised cost centres or stores at the click of a button.
  • Able to import and report using various currencies.