Business process re-engineering and automation

Improving Productivity

Through Technology

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Information technology can have a great impact on the productivity of companies saving people valuable time.

Inspired Change Solutions (ICS) was founded in 2002 with a focus on consulting in business process re-engineering and automation.

One of our core motivations was to move qualified people away from time consuming data capturing and report compiling and, instead, help them focus on the analysis of data obtained through our automated reports. This empowered management to make informed decisions which resulted in greater efficiencies. As such, ICS developed customised solutions for many listed companies and, in the process, we have established long-term relationships with many of our customers.

Harnessing the experience gained over the last 18 years, ICS developed its own proprietary software solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Process Automation (BPA).



Most companies have limited visibility when it comes to accurately assessing their client requests, sales progress and staff productivity. Our software solution, PICS, is a business success platform that gives you both visibility and accuracy. You have one version of the truth allowing you to make the right decisions.

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ExecuReports is an integrated financial reporting platform. It was designed by an accountant to create a single platform that can analyse historic financial data and drive future financial performance.

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“Partnering” is a core belief for ICS. By partnering we emphasise the fact that “we are in this together”.

Indeed, we partner with our customers, we partner with our suppliers and we partner with our own staff. Through these partnerships, we seek to ensure growth in all the right areas for all parties involved. Our team is geared for analysing your business needs and creating solutions that will deliver growth.


Helping your business perform optimally by simplifying and automating business processes to ensure constant focus on business goals.


Providing intelligence that reveals actual business performance and allowing business stakeholders to have information at their fingertips.


Ensuring that your business is able to receive immediate payments and successful debt collection.


Tracking and managing your sales cycle effectively and productively and improving lead conversion.

ICS successfully developed a maintenance plan builder for a large OEM in the motor industry as well as a lead management system that enabled them to manage their leads to sales.

For a client in the fleet management industry, ICS created a web-based customer business intelligence portal. This allowed all their clients to access any of their fleet management reports at any time as needed.

ICS offered consulting services to a client in the cash management industry that had seemingly reached a ceiling with regards to sales. We delivered a new pricing model that saw them double their sales within a year.

We assisted a client in the motor industry to automate their maintenance authorisations process. Labouring with manual job cards and authorisations that took up much time, ICS delivered an automated response that saw authorisations processed within minutes.